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Recovery and Cosmetic Orthopedic Centre. (R&COC)


About the project in brief:

This center is going to be organized for curing patients with complicated congenital abnormality of musculoskeletal system. For example, multicomponent limb deformities (acquired and congenital), asymphytous and wrong accrete fractures, bone defects, limb shortening and so on.

Nowadays patients with such kind of pathology are treated at RSC ROT (Recovery Centre of Orthopedics and Traumatology), named after G.A. Ilizarov in Kurgan (Russia). In Ukraine patients with not complicated orthopedic problems are treated in Kharkov and Kiev.

Main structural items of R & COC:
1. Hospital (10-12 beds)
2. Emergency department.
3. Operating room.
4. Anesthesiology.
5. X- ray room.
6. Initial reception office.
7. laboratory.
8. Accountant office.
9. Gym.
10. Dining room.
11. Warehouse.

Main equipment:
1. Surgery table.(Orthopedic) – TOT-31UNI-M with console TFT-30
2. Orthopedic beds.
3. X-rays machine (stationary and mobile). X-ray C-arm Ziehm Vision (ZIEHM IMAGING )or Carmex.
4. Electro-optical converter. EOC (desirable)
5. Anesthesia machine.
6. Mini laboratory (main tests)
7. Machine for treating bones.
8. Gypsum table.
9. Ilizarov’s apparatus (70 % already available)

1. Headmaster (It is possible he is also a head doctor)
2. Ortho-surgeon.
3. Anesthesiologist.
4. Nurse-anesthesiologist.
5. Head nurse.
6. Shift nurse.
7. Surgery nurse.
8. Bandaging nurse.(and she is also a gypsum technician )
9. Nurse assistant.
10. Barmaid.
11. Gym instructor.
12. Accountant.

Patients are examined in the initial reception office and if a patient must be operated- the date of surgery is set in.

Pre surgery examination is implemented at a local hospital. Post surgery examination lasts from 7 days till 5-6 months ( it depends on the level of pathology complexity). There is a CD with visible results of patients treatment (patients pictures before surgery ,while surgery , in the process of using Ilizarov,s apparatus and treatment results).